While I was away…..


There is a good reason I have ignored posting on the Peaceful Heron blog for over a month. In the next week I will be launching my new book,

Whispers of the O’Fae, Art & Affirmations for the Wounded Inner Child. It has been in progress for the past few years and I have been working on it non-stop since our move. It turned out to be much more work than I thought. Originally the intent was that this was to be a children’s book- however it morphed into a self-help book for adult children who have had bizarre or traumatic childhoods. As my hero, Tom Robbins states in his novel, Still Life with Woodpecker“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.”

May we all aspire to have happy childhoods no matter how old we are! More info about this book can be found at: http://whispersoftheofae.com/about-the-book/


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