Crazy Sexy You Begins!


Last year I participated in the Crazy Sexy You 21 Day Wellness Program by the sparkling Diva Kris Carr. Going through a few of my own health challenges as well as trying to shed the pounds I gained when breaking a rib. It worked. I felt better and more vibrant. But alas… life is what happens to you while you are making other plans and the day to day stresses of starting a new acupuncture practice, a few more health challenges and let’s not even go into the state of the planet right now! Even on my worse days, I am considered a healthy eater by most folks. However, I can be bad by my standards – which causes bloat, weight gain and pain. Time to start all over! I am ready.

The program is a plant based diet, filled with lots of juicing, veggies, meditation, motivation and inspiration. My only complaint is giving up wine. But my body is happier when the sulfites are not careening through it.

Orientation started last week. Lots of videos, emails and instructions with lists of meal preps, downloadable meditations, workouts and a private Facebook group. Odd that this program does start on a holiday week.. but being a vegetarian I never really participated in the BBQ holidays anyway! I will be blogging on a regular basis about this adventure. My goal is to feel healthy, vibrant and shed those pounds in a sane way. I encourage others to check out Kris Carr’s website and books if they would like guidance, groovy recipes and positive approach to healthy eating.

WOOoooooHoooooo… here we go!

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