Hurts So Good!


Who knew that the infamous song “Hurts So Good” by John Cougar Mellancamp was really about acupuncture?

From Wikipedia: “Hurts So Good” was written by Mellencamp and George Green, Mellencamp’s childhood friend and occasional writing partner. The song was first conceived, Mellencamp claims, in his baby’s crib. John claims to have had an epiphany with a girl named Tiffany the day before who had uttered the phrase “Hurt so good” referring to an acupuncture treatment she was receiving from John’s grandmother on his father’s side. He then repeated the lines to Green and they finished the song very quickly.[3] In 2004, Mellencamp expounded on the writing of “Hurts So Good” in an interview with American Songwriter magazine: “George Green and I wrote that together. We exchanged lines back and forth between each other and laughed about it at the time. Then I went and picked up the guitar, and within seconds, I had those chords.”

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