Debuting Eostara’s Garden! Healing Crystal Amulets for People!


Wow! My muse has finally returned. I am not sure where she went this time. Usually she runs off to some remote island or the south of France when I get super stressed. And she bolted last year without even leaving a note. Didn’t even send a postcard or a bottle of Pastis.

Before I became an acupuncturist, I was a glass artist. I go through phases of creating on and off in between treating patients on my off time. However, the past few years took a toll on my health as well as my soul. And creating anything just was overwhelming! However when I least expect it my muse will stroll in as if nothing has happened and it is time to play.

No complaints. Because hey la deee daaaa my muse is back! And this time she has inspired me to create a line of healing amulets for people. (I already have one for pets.)

I love playing with wire. It is addicting and meditative. So my latest line of art to wear combines my love of wire with crystals and gemstones. Inspired by my friends the birdy bird clan, who I feed everyday I thought it would be fun to make nests with semiprecious stones with specific properties. (One day I will post pics of my bird fan club. I can’t even walk out of the door now without at least 50 birds waiting for me. I think I watched Mary Poppins one too many times as a kid.)

So… drumroll please…………………… Debuting Eostara’s Garden! Why Eostara? Well it is better if you just click on the link and read it on the real website.

Stay tuned… more nests and pea pod amulets to be added. a batch of wire just arrived!

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